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Victoria Horse Alliance Walks For The Horses

Victoria Horse Alliance took to the streets of Victoria this past Sunday to raise awareness of the animal exploitation that are the horse-trolleys and carriages.

Jordan Reichert of Animal Alliance Environment Voters and Victoria Horse Alliance is leading the efforts and says is disgusted this practice is still taking place in Victoria.

“Horses are not machines. They do not belong in the city among cars and other vehicles. There is nothing natural about this environment to them and we always have many concerned citizens telling us that seeing the horses pulling carriages in the city just doesn’t sit right with them. This antiquated form of transportation is long past its prime and there is only one reason horses are still put to work in these inhumane and unsafe environments, money.

Staff for horse carriage companies have previously alluded to the horses being sold to slaughter if they are removed from working in the streets, something Reichert says is likely more of a scare tactic than anything.

“This is something we often hear from staff when we say we want to ban horse carriages in Victoria, that the horses will have to be sold to slaughter since they will be too expensive to keep.  We have also heard from people in their management that they have not and will never do so.   We are working to provide sanctuary for the horses if a ban is instituted by the city of Victoria. This is because we care about not just getting horses off the streets, but also that they have homes once they are liberated from this industry.”

Find out more about the Victoria Horse Alliance at www.banhorsecarriagesvictoria.org

About Jordan Reichert

Jordan Reichert is the Editor-In-Chief of the Victoria Animal News. Originally starting out as The Raging Kucing, and then The Critical Cat, Victoria Animal News continues to deliver content by animal activists and advocates for animal activists and advocates.

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