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Thankgiving? You mean Thanksliving.

This year, the Vancouver Island Vegan Association hosted what might be the largest vegan potluck in Victoria history.

Thanksliving is a community vegan potluck where everyone is invited, but the food is all vegan.  The goal is for everyone to enjoy delicious plant-based food and to challenge common perspectives on the traditional Thanksgiving holiday.

According to the USDA, 45 million turkeys are killed each year in the United States for Thanksgiving, with an additional 3 million per year in Canada for this holiday alone.

Over 300 people attended the event that was held at the First Metropolitan church activity hall.  Thanksliving started in Victoria in 2014 at the Ukrainian Cultural Centre and approximately 150 attended.  Animal Voices Radio in Vancouver, originally inspired this event and has been hosting their own for the past five years. VIVA members noted that the event was immediately popular and they had to think bigger.

“Last year with 150 we were almost at capacity and so we knew we had to find a larger venue.  We expected maybe 200 people, but 300 was outstanding.”

Vancouver Island Vegan Association hosts events throughout the year including potlucks, movie nights, athletics clubs, vegans night out, support circles, mentor programs, and more.  Currently the events are mostly hosted in Victoria.  Although, the group hopes that changes as they continue to grow.

“We want every community on the Island to have a VIVA group with people organizing events and building a positive idea of a plant based lifestyle.  We hope people will see what we are trying to do down here and want to create their own version in other communities across the Island.  A lot of people came down from up Island to be at Thanksliving, so hopefully it will continue to grow.”

To see what VIVA is up to or to get involved visit www.vancouverislandvegan.com

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