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Niche Vegan Bakery Thriving in Victoria

Niche has been serving up delicious vegan treats to the vegan community and beyond for almost a year now.   However, things are heating up for this bakery and as they continue to expand and find their market becomes anything but ‘niche.’

Brianna Suddaby has been working hard establishing a name for herself and perfecting her delectable art.  After trying to run the business out of her home, she now is set up at The Apple Box on Cook st. where people can come and pick up her baked goods any day of the week.

Niche has recently been expanding as well, so look forward to finding her products popping up around town.  You will now be able to find Niche at various coffee shops around town including Bean Around the World, Ageless Living Market, and Rasbar coffee.

Beyond that they have just launched a new website to expand their audience and increase their presence in the community.

What will Niche become when they obtain mainstream success?  Who knows, but they will still be delicious.

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