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Montreal Horse Carriage Moratorium Could Stick

Moratorium on Montreal horse carriage industry could be its end.

Mayor Denis Coderre announced today a one-year ban on horse carriages in Montreal. He stated the time will be used to create new rules for the industry.

This decision comes after video footage was released of a horse carriage collision with a car generating overwhelming public support for a ban of the controversial industry.

Jordan Reichert, of Victoria Horse Alliance congratulated the mayor for taking a progressive stance on the issue, but also advised caution.

“We want to extend our gratitude to Mayor Coderre for imposing a moratorium on the horse carriages. However, we urge him to heed the evidence from other cities with horse carriages, such as Victoria, that regulation of this industry does not stop collisions from happening.  Only a complete ban will achieve this.”

The Anti-Calèche Defense Coalition has been working to ban horse carriages in Montreal for years, citing animal cruelty and safety issues within the industry.  They Mirella la Gioconda of the organization had this to say about today’s announcement:

“Finally for the first time in the history of Montreal the horses will not be overworked in the extreme heat of the summer and in horrible conditions of neglect.  Many of us will also have our summer back instead of chasing the coachmen to make sure the bylaws are enforced, a job that should be carried out by the City inspectors and police.”

Their goal now is to make sure that all the 56 horses are safely retired. There is a horse rescue such as Galahad Refuge that is offering to take care of all the horses and put them in foster homes.

“After that, the next step will be to make sure that the ban becomes permanent. Horses do not belong a modern city.”

Reichert said that efforts to ban horse carriages continue to gain momentum and reiterates it is just a matter of time before they are banned. “Cities all over the world are considering banning horse carriages because they are a form of animal exploitation.  Wherever people profit off animals, the care and safety of the animals will be compromised.”

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