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Island Animal Liberation

Island Animal Liberation puts pressure on Capital Iron

Sunday November 15th, Victoria based animal liberation group Island Animal Liberation will be leafleting in front of Capital Iron to raise awareness of the retailers continued relationship with Canada Goose apparel.

IAL says they are demonstrating against Capital Iron selling Canada Goose apparel because of concerns about inhumane trapping methods used by the company.  The activist group has an online petition which has garnered over 28,000 signatures, mostly within Canada asking Capital Iron to not carry this brand.  They are also asking people to let management know they will not shop there until they drop the brand.

Capital Iron has stated that “If we were provided information proving the manufacturing process of Canada Goose products was false, then we would definitely look into whether or not we should be carrying it.”

Canada goose was recently taken to court by animal advocacy group Animal Justice for falsely advertising that the fur-trim used on their clothing comes from “humanely” trapped animals.

Canada Goose uses leg hold traps which have been banned in the EU and many states in the U.S.; however, they still remain legal across Canada.

To get involved or learn more about Island Animal Liberation’s campaign please visit www.islandanimalliberation.com

For more information about humane concerns of the fur-industry please visit Fur Bearer Defenders.


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