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IAL Raises Awareness of Cruelty Outside Capital Iron

Activists from Island Animal Liberation stood outside in the warm Victoria weather and handed out over 200 leaflets to the public and shoppers this past Sunday, urging them to ask Capital Iron to not carry Canada Goose apparel.

Their concerns arise from Canada Goose’s use of leg-hold traps, which have been banned in the EU and many states in the U.S. for their inhumane nature.  Coyotes and other animals caught in these traps often die of dehydration and blood loss from trying to gnaw their own limbs off to escape and because they may languish in the traps for several days before being killed.

Canada Goose states on their website that “Canada is a leader in humane trapping methods.”

However, the Fur-Bearer Defenders have been working hard to debunk many of the “humane” myths established by the fur-industry and Canada Goose.  They state on their website that “Canada’s Competition Act does not restrict the use of terms such as ‘humane,’ which means that the fur industry can, and does, capitalize off of the emotional weight people give to this term.”

Island Animal Liberation states that the public response to their leaflet was extremely positive and that they will be holding more demonstrations soon to keep the pressure on Capital Iron to respond and stop carrying the brand.

You can follow their latest actions on their Facebook page here.


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