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Raw Footage: Cambie-Broadway Whole Foods Blockade

RAW FOOTAGE: Activists blockade one of the busiest intersections in Vancouver. Activists made it impossible for people to ignore the issue of violence towards animals. Whole Foods claims to sell "humane" and "ethical" animal products, but there is no such thing as ethical exploitation and there is no humane way to kill someone who does not want to die.#WhatAnimalsDeserve #ItsNotFoodItsViolence #DisruptSpeciesism

Posted by Direct Action Everywhere - Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories on Sunday, November 29, 2015

DxE Disrupts Traffic Outside Whole Foods In Vancouver

Activists from Direct Action Everywhere, Vancouver, Coast Salish Territory blocked all 4 crosswalks outside of Whole Foods to protest what the DxE says is the “humane lie” that Whole Foods uses on their meat products. 

Direct Action Everywhere recently uncovered horrid conditions at a Whole Foods supply farm that raises turkeys.  The expose of this cruelty was revealed just ahead of the U.S. thanksgiving holiday where over forty million animals are killed yearly for dinner.

#‎WhatAnimalsDeserve‬ ‪#‎ItsNotFoodItsViolence‬ ‪#‎DisruptSpeciesism

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