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BC SPCA Gala Protest - October 24 2015

Why love one but eat the other? #DxE activists perform a song of liberation outside the SPCA Gala. The SPCA continues to serve the dead bodies of animals at their fundraisers. While we support them in their work of helping dogs and cats, we know that all animals are equal and all animals want to live. #WeAreAllAnimals #ItsNotFoodItsViolence #HumaneMyth

Posted by Direct Action Everywhere - Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories on Sunday, October 25, 2015

Direct Action Everywhere BCSPCA Gala Protest Oct, 2015

Activists from Direct Action Everywhere, Vancouver – Coast Salish Territories demonstrated outside of the BCSPCA fundraising Gala over criticism that the BCSPCA should not be saying they speak for non-human animals while serving them for dinner to raise money.

A similar demonstration was organized last year by DxE last year as well to raise awareness of this issue.

Many of the guests attending the event said they would still support the BCSPCA financially if they served only a plant based menu.  Some acknowledged they might be even more supportive. Others said that the BCSPCA is taking small steps in that direction, but that it didn’t feel ready to remove animals from the menu and that they are focusing on promoting their SPCA certified partnerships with local producers.

See more and get involved with Direct Action Everywhere in Vancouver here on their Facebook page.

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