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(April Fools) City Council Bans Horse Carriages.

Streets of Victoria Finally Free Of Animal Exploitation.

It was an all night meeting between the City, representatives from the carriage industry, and the Victoria Horse Alliance, but in the end history was made.

Council passed a motion to phase out the carriage horses, who they had previously defended, by the end of 2017.  Their reason for an about face on the issue was that they could “no longer, with a clear conscience, allow animal performances on city streets.”  They also reported that council unanimously agreed that the evidence of inhumane care being provided to the horses could not be ignored any longer.

During the negotiations, the carriage industry spoke frankly that “we have realized the err of our way.”  They have agreed to no longer put horses to work in the streets and they recognized that they were not paying to have proper work done on the horses feet.  “It became all about showing off and money,” they admitted.

Victoria Horse Alliance released the following statement, “We are overjoyed at the city’s decision and that the carriage industry was willing to recognize that horses  are not tools for profit, but sentient beings worthy of compassion. This is the beginning of a new animal exploitation-free era in Victoria.”

Arrangements are being made to get the horses off the streets as soon as possible before the 2017 scheduled end.  Representatives from the carriage industry reported that they have asked the city to keep the current lease agreement they have at the corner of Menzies and Belleville st.  When asked what they planned to do with the location once the horse carriages were gone, they replied “All of our staff have decided to go vegan since the announcement, so what better way to celebrate than by opening up a vegan ice cream shop by the bustling Inner Harbour!”

Early reports say the carriages will be reworked into ice cream kiosks and the shop will be called Freehorse Vegan Creamery.

April 1st, 2016

Yes, this is April Fools satire.  Neither the City or the carriage industry are that compassionate.

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  1. This is April Fools “fun”???
    If only the City of Victoria took this issue seriously.

  2. the horse and carriages should be banned they are a menace to cars and all traffic in geral the horses are on hot pavement and stand or walk on this all summer, how are their hooves after the summer? would you like to try it?

  3. I want horse carriages banned completely and forever

  4. I am so glad that some horses are saved from misery. Woukd you please take it on now to save the rest from slaughter. They too are used as tools for profit.
    Thank you so much . V grimard