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Capital Iron to no longer carry Canada Goose

Island Animal Liberation is reporting today that it has received confirmation from Mike Black, president/owner of Capital Iron, that they will no longer be selling Canada Goose at Capital Iron.

Island Animal Liberation had been working for the last year to pressure Capital Iron to no longer carrying Canada Goose apparel for ethical reasons.  Island Animal Liberation created an online petition that received nearly 30,000 signatures, the majority from within Canada.  They also held a national anti-fur valentines day demonstration and several leafleting events outside of the store to educate the local community about why the leg-hold trapping methods used by Canada Goose are inhumane.

Island Animal Liberation has always had tremendous community support and that people would regularly tell them that they were going to contact Capital Iron to voice their concern that they carried Canada Goose.

Corie Kielbiski of IAL responded to the news, “We are thrilled that Capital Iron has made the right decision to no longer carry Canada Goose brand. We would like to thank everyone in the community that came out to our demonstrations and to everyone that supported this campaign. The day that Capital Iron is rid of the last product of Canada Goose is the day we will happily return to the store and support this business.  This is a victory for the coyotes, geese and the people who are exploited by this harmful brand.”

Mr. Black noted that while IAL’s efforts caused Capital Iron to consider the situation of the them carrying Canada Goose in their stores, the decision to stop carrying the brand was made by Canada Goose themselves.  He reported that “they have been systematically shutting down their Western Canadian dealers for the last two years to meet the increasing US demand.”

Canada Goose is owned by a U.S. equity firm, but continues to make its products in Canada and use coyotes caught in Canada for their jackets.

This seemed to be the case with another store in Victoria, Reunion, who brought in some Canada Goose jackets in 2015 similarly reporting they will no longer be carrying the brand.

Despite this success, IAL reports that they will continue to pressure other fur retailers in the city to not carry these inhumane products in 2016 and beyond.  To get involved with their campaigns you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or their Website.

Jordan Reichert

– Victoria Animal News

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Jordan Reichert is the Editor-In-Chief of the Victoria Animal News. Originally starting out as The Raging Kucing, and then The Critical Cat, Victoria Animal News continues to deliver content by animal activists and advocates for animal activists and advocates.

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  1. Congrats to your group. This is a huge achievement. Sporting Life is another large retailer that continues to sell Canada Goose outerwear plus others that use real fur. In Ontario there is a bounty on coyotes and the hunters are using dogs to track them down.

  2. Thank You, and the Geese thank you.

  3. All the civilized world thanks you.

  4. Congratulations on your hard n dedicated work. U ate my hero. I thank you with all my heart.

  5. Marilyn Erickson

    Thank you for doing this and thanks to retailers for listening! Inhumane treatment of any living thing is morally and ethically wrong and an increasing number of consumers are letting them know how they feel. It’s about time!

  6. Thank you for making the right choice !

  7. It’s kinda funny. Save the coyotes and the goose, but let the coyotes kill the goose. Interesting logic. You all don’t know much about the real world. Quit patting yourselves on the back eat a burger and go put your head in a hole.

  8. Fantastic news! Thank you!

  9. I bought a McKinley coat that is identical but has a faux fur trim around hood instead of coyote. It was only $114 on sale. Here is the link for it:

  10. Fantastic news!

  11. Miglena Ianakieva

    This is WONDERFUL news!!!!!!!!!