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The Critical Cat Interviews Victoria Citizen’s Against Rodeo Events (VCARE)

Update!:The Luxton Pro Rodeo has been cancelled due to lack of funding!  Much of this success is due to the diligence and hard work of Melissa de Muelles-Wolf of Victoria Citizens Against Rodeo Events (VCARE).  Melissa did an incredible job of apply pressure to the Luxton Rodeo’s sponsors, which heavily pulled …

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Thanksliving: It’s About Turkey…and so much more.

It is not unusual to find more hypocrisy than ‘thanks’ being given this time of year on the traditional Thanksgiving holiday. People throughout North America come together as families to break bread and eat the flesh of turkeys, which are ironically the mascot many of these people endear for this …

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Guest Blog with ADAV/ Stop UBC Animal Research

Every year, Canada’s universities conduct thousands of experiments on animals including pigs, mice, cats, rabbits, goats, monkeys, even wild-caught songbirds. In 2012, the number of animals used by the University of British Columbia – the 2nd largest biomedical campus in Canada – rose to a staggering 227,362. Much of this …

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